Website FAQs

Set up only: Setting up your WordPress website pages and demo content only.

24 Hours

Personalized Website.

Varies dependending on level of customization.

Once you have placed an order. A project manager will contact you at the time you specify while signing up. Your Project manager will go over your project in detail with you to make sure that we understand fully what you want and what to expect. You have all the necessary contact info and will have a clear idea of how much time and additional cost you incure if any for personalization requests.

Once the project is finalized, your account and domain will be completely set up and you can view the pgrades live or you can build yourself.

Absolutely you receive and invoice after each order.

Not only is your design fees way less. But after 1 year you fully own your website and can move it. Also your add on cost will be significantly lower as most WordPress plug ins have a FREE version. Saving after just 1 year: $3,500 on a basic shopping cart system with personalized shipping.

WordPress is a CMS, content management system that is popular the world over. The operating system is open source FREE to use software. It is the foundation of your website, templates, logo and design are added on top of it to build powerful website at minimal costs.

If you need to set up a temp URL while you set up your new website, just download your wpconfig.php file and add these lines:


Then simply re-upload the file overwritting your old file.

Even safer you should rename the old wpconfig.php to OLDwpconfig.php

ZOOM Conference Meeting F.A.Q.'s

When you Need to Join a Zoom meeting

Note Major Security Issues as of 2020 April 14th. If you use Zoom, require a password to join your group and forbid link sharing to your group to prevent unwanted guests.

Google Meet Video Conference F.A.Q.'s

A Quick Demo on How to Join a Meet

No only a web browser. Anybody can join the Meet.


Absolutely, we offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

A wish list is a section of your online cart that user can add products to purchase at a later date. A list of things they wish to buy, but don’t have the funds at the moment.

We recommend :

  • Paypal
  • Stripe

We can assist you in setting up your cart.

You can change or cancel your order anytime.

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card


Get "Never Lose Another Password"

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Get Lastpass, never lose a password again.

What is a CMS?

A content management system allows anyone with a basic understanding of web technologies to maintain and design their own websites.

Content management system are the most affordable and dynamic website builders (WYSIWYG) you could create for your company. It so dynamic that you can expand it as your business grows by using plugins (See WP Plugins: , your site can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Here are some example templates: , there are only 20 something on this site. We literally have hundreds in our database and positively have one to suite your needs.

Some Example of how WordPress & Joomla can be used!

  • Corporate Web sites or portals
  • Corporate intranets and extra-nets
  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Government applications
  • Small business Web sites
  • Non-profit and organizational Web sites
  • Community-based portals
  • School and church Web sites
  • Personal or family homepages

Your Website is Up in No Time

We will have your site up in running in less than 24 hours days (for most sites). You should receive an email and instruction once completed.

The Creative Process

First we get an idea of exactly what you want by you giving us as much information during sign up, so make a list of everything you would want: font size, colors, cart products, etc., reference sample sites you have seen and any pertinent information that we would need in putting your site together exactly the way you want to. We have built over 10,000 website for every conceivable enterprise, we know what works. Your demo template install with be set up within an hour and you will have access to your new site. At this point we get together all images that we require for your site etc.

WordPress Process & Deployment

Installation of your site (WordPress or Joomla) takes 2 hours to set up, personalized it yourself with the assistance of your mentor or let us do it for you. If you have a customization plan it can take a little longer (1-3 weeks depending on scope).  Afterwards we specialize the site to your business. Installing the necessary plugins to make your website word for your business.

How Much Experience Do I Need?

If you are comfortable with MSOffice or any other document editor, you will be able to get along with our interface. Look below, do you understand the interface? If you need assistance, you can alway create a ticket. An agent will assist you shortly.

Do you offer WordPress or Joomla training?

Absolutely, every account comes with an initial training session to show you the ropes. If that’s not enough, you can purchase additional training time.

How do I register a domain name?

If you feel comfortable navigating registration sites, click here to get started. Your domain will be registered with us and you can facilitate management & hosting here

Wordpress, Drupal, Magento or Joomla CMS?

If you are just starting out and are not currently running a Joomla, Drupal or Magento site, we recommend going with WordPress CMS. WordPress cost less to develop and is easier to maintain. In most cases, you can manage your content on your own.

See comparison chart

Can I Cancel Anytime After my 1 Year Commitment?

Absolutely, although we have a very little cancelation rate. You can easily cancel your account after your 1 year commitment. In addition, you will be able to move your site to another hosting company with ease, using our back up and restore tools. Note: Sites are not portable on Shopify, Wix or Weebly. This can be inconvenient for large shopping carts, once you realize the true cost of Shopify or Wix. You are stuck.

Do you Offer Hack Recovery?

Yes we do. We are always updating oue security skills in order to tackle the latest in CMS hacks. Joomla! or WordPress we can recover you website in no time at all. Just contact us with your issue.

Can I move my website if I choose?

One of the best features of our business model is that all our cart are designed on open source code, and is easily portable. All site comes with one click backups and installation. All you need is a Apache hosting account.

Migration from another host to Wizseller?

Does Wizseller handle all aspects of the migration? What do I have to do?

We handle all the ins and out of your migration. Just provide us with the information we need and we will let you know when we are done moving your WordPress or Joomla website.

Moving your site from non-portable platforms

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to convert your website from Shopify, Wix, Weebly or Squaredash, but we can keep your cost down substantially based on what kind of site you have.

Call Us Today for a FREE consultation 1.800.489.4398

During Migration Is there any downtime?

How long will my site be offline?

There will be no downtime. We migrate the site to a temporary domain and then when everything has been verified working, we switch your DNS to point to our servers. The switch can be a couple of hours, but it is seamless.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can, but will pay less if you buy a yearly plan. I addition you won’t have to worry about your website going down if you forget a payment.