Our Business Website & Shopping Carts built on WordPress

WordPress is the prom queen of website CMS; it’s simple to use, adaptable, and able to manage any amount of traffic. The best thing, though? It is free! Additionally, it has a sizable fan base (the WordPress community), which is always creating new themes and plugins to make your website even more amazing. Additionally, WordPress is SEO-friendly, so the likelihood that your website will appear as Google’s top search result is tantamount to becoming prom king. It can connect to numerous different platforms and services and be used to create a broad variety of websites, from straightforward blogs to intricate e-commerce sites, making it the ideal all-in-one website construction solution.

Easy to use WYSIWIG editor included
Easy to use WYSIWIG editor included

We Build with WordPress with 100% Satisfaction!

There are a lot of great reasons to buy a WordPress website from Wizseller. Our team of WordPress experts are passionate about the platform and know how to design a site that looks and performs great! Your website will be mobile optimized right out of the box to ensure it looks good on every device your visitors use to browse your site. Your website will be hosted on our secure and fast servers so your visitors will have a seamless experience when they visit your site. Unlike other CMS site, the site belongs to you and can moved anywhere if you so choose. The biggest reason why we love working with WordPress is that over time it is the cheapest platform to maintain and the easiest for our client to learn. We are 100% certain that you will love your site, we guarantee it.

WordPress & Woo Commerce – #1 Ecommerce Solution!

Wizseller offers you the opportunity to build your world-class website the way you want without you being nickel and dimed every step of the way. Our shopping carts are built on the most popular open-source software on the planet. The best thing about our websites is that your website is yours. All WordPress websites are portable, can be backed up and restored anywhere.

Our carts are powered by Woo Commerce which powers 25% of all the world’s shipping carts online. All E-commerce carts are hosted on powerful SSD hosting with A2Hosting that is up to 10X faster than traditional HD drives. In addition, are carts pre-optimized for speed and SEO so you can think about running your business and taking care of leads.

Step 1: Choose Your Domain Name

Choose a Keyword rich domain for best SEO: ex. chicagopizzashop.com

The first thing first, you will need a domain name to get started. We make it convenient to buy and manage your domain at Wizseller.ca. Or you can purchase it when you check out and we will set it up for your, a password and username will be sent to you so that you can manage your domain name.

Step 2: Pick Your Brand Colors

What are the 3 or 2 best colors that represent your business colors? This will be important in designing your website and shopping cart.

Step 3: Decide on Content

What do you want to sell? Or if you are not selling anything, what message do you want your website say? Typical website range from: One page Blog roll, Small 5 page website for services or information, Shopping cart system locally or globally, event manager just to name a few.

Step 4: Choose a Plan Based on Need

Are you proficient in WordPress® and just need basic high speed host with back up and occasional support? We have a plan for you. If you are someone who need full support, we have a dedicated team of WordPress® experts ready to assist you with any issue or question you may have.

Step 5: Start Your Project

If you know what you want then it’s time to get started. Choose your plan below and we will start building your website immediately.

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