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WordPress Outperforms, Wix, Shopify or Weebly


How WordPress CMS Outperforms, Wix, Shopify or Weebly

Allot of people have asked what’s the difference between Shopify or other self-hosted closed cms, compared to WordPress and Wizseller systems? Allot! So we listed out the fundamental difference and why it’s important to do your homework before committing to a closed CMS such as Shopify or Wix or Weebly. Because you don’t want to spend 1000$ of dollars for a basic website that you can’t really customize. Don’t be fooled by FREE, they get you by nickel and dimming you. In the end, you will get allot les and pay allot more for these closed CMS systems.

1. WordPress is Portable, All Other are Not!

With our optimized CMS systems, your website is built on the award-winning CMS called WordPress. WordPress is open-source (and Free) and is open to thousands of other programmers who contribute daily to updating and extending the CMS and is completely portable. So if you move to another company you can back up and move the site. If you build your site without an open source CMS you become committed to that hosting company as you cannot move your site.

Shopify: Not Portable, (You can never move your website)
Wix: Not Portable, (You can never move your website)
Weebly: Not Portable, (You can never move your website) is Portable and can moved to any other hosting company.

2. Many More Extension for WordPress 45,000 and counting

Shopify, Wix, and Weebly have limited amount of plugins and some plugins that are actually free on WordPress will cost you a pretty penny on other platforms. Example, Yoast SEO cost $9.99 a month on Shopify, but is actually free on WordPress plugins. In addition, most of their plug ins are paid rather than free. The majority of plug ins for WordPress are free, some paid version available. WordPress has over 40, 000 and counting plugins. Many of them free to use.

3. WordPress is 10X More powerful than any other closed CMS

Only with WordPress can you back up and restore anywhere, add users and permissions. Thousands of extension to add functionality. Better shipping options. In WordPress you can set up any configuration in your shipping easily.

Upscale your hosting as needed, never settle for slow sites.

With our implementation of WordPress you are free to choose our super fast SSD hosting or after a year membership you can move your hosting to anywhere you like or upgrade your hosting account. As you wish.

Features:43% Market Share#2 USED CMS#3 Most Popular#1 E-Commerce
Wordpress 6.2 Joomla 4.23 Shopify CMS Magento C.E.
Download:Wordpress DownloadJoomla! DownloadShopify Register Magento C.E.
Plug Ins:Get Plugins Get Plugins Get Plugins Get Plugins
Plug Ins #:51+ Thousand11 Thousand3.2 Thousand4 Thousand
Popularity:146 Millions Downloads65 Millions Downloads2.3 Milliona daily users6 Millions Downloads
Templates #:6.5 Thousand2.5 Thousand1.5 Thousand1 Thousand
Suitable for:Small to Medium Sites, Shopping cart and BlogsE-Commerce, Large portal sites with security needsSmall to Medium Sites, Shopping cartsProfessional E-commerce Only
Top Themes:Themes ForestThemes ForestTheme ForestTheme Forest
Costs:Free (open source)Free (open source)Starting: $9.99/month (Closed source/no ftp)Free & Paid Open source Versions
Simple 30 Item Cart Cost Ex.1000$-3000$2000$-4000$1000$-4000$4000$-10,000$ plus
Cpanel InstallsYesYesNoYes
Manual Install5 min10 min10 min20-1 hour
Ease of TroubleshootingYou'll need to know basic CSS and HTML and know how to look up forums to solve issues. Easy to use for developers and newbies. You can build a site without any html knowledge. You'll need to know advance CSS, PHP and HTML and know how to look up forums to solve issues. Community centered forum, with strong social networking component.This is one of the easier CMS to install, as you don't need to know FTP, and basic development skills.You'll need a proficient PHP developer and dedicated designer to develop your store.
What they say!It's the most used CMS in the world to create websites & blogs.Build powerful, scalable, secured websites. Meant to be managed by groups for large scaled sites!Supported by Shopify staff. Customization require 3rd parties.
Market Share61%6.5%3%5%
Ease of UseGood for BeginnersMedium Knowledge Advanced Users (Developers)Developers Only
Forums:Help ForumsHelp ForumsHelp PageHelp Forums